Reflections From My True Self

Remembering Who I Really Am

Honoring My Self


If I am to honor my Self, I must be willing to feel, willing to become familiar with the dark places, with the shape of my fear. 

Honoring my Self means offering myself compassion, gentleness and generosity, although my habit is harshness and cold.

It means celebrating the myriad gifts that are constantly coming my way.

Honoring my Self means strengthening my energy so that I can choose discomfort when ease, even when I know it harms me, tempts me.

It means committing to my practice of stillness so that the noise of confusion can become quiet, and the Wisdom that resides within me can emerge in my awareness.

Honoring My Self means using the tools I have acquired, instead of simply contemplating them.

Especially, it means remembering that I am greater than my thoughts, greater, also, than this instant, and yet, simultaneously, very much in it.

Photo Credit: Lars Sundström

Photo Credit: Lars Sundström

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Author: Andrea Friedmann

I am called to be a witness and companion for the Soul, and work as a Life Coach, supporting my clients in remembering who they are, beyond the labels they carry, helping them connect to the wisdom and resources they hold within, and providing them with concrete tools to build the life they yearn for. I can support you when you are facing change or seeking transformation, if you are experiencing hardship, and would choose peace and joy. We can work together in person, over the phone or via the Internet. View my website at and my facebook page at Email me at Andrea or call me at 773/382-8892.

2 thoughts on “Honoring My Self

  1. Great sharing Andrea. Reminded me to practice and honor stillness as Life in View.

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